Designer Watches for Men

Timex Designer Watches for Men

Timex Designer Watches for Men

Way back when, I was fishing in a storm and I found a watch lying on the ground. It had a red face and it turned out that it was self winding. I put it on and I wore it for three years before I lost it. The watch was a Timex. As the motto says, it takes a licking and keeps on ticking. This is why I include Timex watches in my designer watches for men.

Since 1960, Timex has been the best selling watch in the United States. They distribute their watches through more than one-hundred thousand retail outlets. This is a massive distribution network.

Timex has it’s beginning in the nineteenth century as the Waterbury Clock Company which was founded in 1857, more than 150 years ago. Thomas Olsen and engineer Joakim Lehmkuhl, two Norwegians who entered the United States in 1940 bought the Waterbury Clock Company and changed it’s name to Timex and during World War II used the manufacturing resources of the company to build bomb and artillery fuses to support the war effort.

After the war, Olsen remained in the United States and modernized the manufacturing and dedicated Timex to producing high quality, inexpensive watches. He instituted state of the art production methods and substituted long lasting and inexpensive bearings to replace the expensive jeweled movements that his competitors were using. In 1949, Timex began producing wrist watches. The watches met Olsen’s goals and became popular.

During the 1970′s, digital watches appeared on the market. Timex tried to compete, but it was a late starter into the technology and it’s sales began to suffer so Timex competed and in the price wars of the period, many Timex watches sold for about ten dollars. During the late 1970′s,Timex lost market share and management battles ensued. Timex tried to diversify into cameras and the new computer technology’s but these attempts were largely unsuccessful.

The 1990′s came and the company went back to it’s roots and returned to the wrist watch as it’s primary product. Advertising was increased tremendously, and the company brought out a new line of sports watches. It also brought back it’s famous motto, “It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.” and the company was reborn.

Timex developed a watch with a luminous dial that lit up on demand. This was the Timex Indiglo Night-Light. This was non-toxic and much brighter than others in the market and Timex set the standard for luminous watches. Timex developed other innovations, like a data link between the watch and personal computer, watches that monitored pulse rates, and the Humvee, a wrist watch which was water resistant and exceeded military standards for shock and vibration requirements.

So, if you want a watch that you know will be abused, or lost and you want something that runs well and is inexpensive, Timex Watches are probably what you are looking for. High reliability, pretty good styling, inexpensive and rugged, maybe not a high class watch but it sure does have a lot of great history! Timex is a great designer watch for men!