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The Designer Watch Quartz Watch Movement

Quartz Watch Movement for Designer Watches for Men

What is the Quartz Watch Movement and how does it make your designer watch for men better? Quartz  is a very hard mineral, which has a crystalline structure, and this molecular structure is what makes it a critical component to watchmakers.   Designer watches for men utilize synthetic crystals because they can be obtained without variation then those found in nature. But how does this relate to keeping time?

If you hook a piece of synthetic quartz up to a source of electricity, and pulse it, the quartz will vibrate and much like a pendulum, it's rate of movement will be consistent but with much greater accuracy then a mechanical pendulum is capable of doing! This allows the watchmaker to build a watch with tremendous accuracy and maybe even more important, build this accurate movement cheaply!

Now where do we get the power to cause the quartz to vibrate, the answer is in several ways.  We can use a battery, a either one that holds a fixed amount of energy or even one powered by the sun. Fixed charge batteries have one problem in that they have a finite life.  The solar battery eliminates this. Other brands have also developed innovative solutions by using the motion of the wrist to charge a capacitor which will provide the pulse that powers the quartz. Now that we have the power and the time base we can convert the vibrations of the quartz to electric pulses which will be used to power the watch. Not that complicated right? And the best part is that it allows accuracy to be held to about a tenth of a second.

Another advantage is the small size of the complete electronics. This makes it easy for the watchmaker to create designer watches for men which are very fashionable and will not overpower that beautiful set of cuff links you are wearing with your evening wear!

So if you are looking for a very cool watch which keeps amazing time, look into quartz watch movements which may be referred to as a Japanese Quartz Watch Movement before you purchase your designer watch for men!