Designer Watches for Men

Take Care of Your Designer Watch

Take Care of Your Designer Watch

A watch can become your constant companion, which makes it crucial that that you get a watch that fits your style and character, but also that you understand how to maintain that fine piece of craftsmanship.

Make sure that the wach fits your wrist. If it is a new watch, wear it constantly for at least two weeks.  This will get you used to its feel and will allow you to be more careful while wearing it.

It's crucial that you avoid hitting your watch against hard objects as the vibrations that result from such impacts can damage a luxury watch. The movements and face of a watch are normally not designed to withstand extreme shock. Obviously you will drop your watch on occasion, or bump it against something, but most modern watches will withstand these types of impacts.  Just be conscious of what you are doing and try to minimize accidents. If you constantly damage a watch, maybe you should consider buying cheaper models, there are some excellent ones available and you won't be devastated if you happen to destroy or lose one of these cheaper models.

You should have your watch serviced about every four years and it should be performed at an authorized dealer. If you damage your watch, bring it in immediately.

Change a damaged or frayed watch strap or band immediately. The band or strap may break if damage is ignored and you may lose or drop the watch. Either event could really hurt a fine watch. Check straps for cracks regularly.

Look for cracks on the crystal of your watch. Cracks could allow water to seep into the watch face or the dial may shatter. Either could result in damage to the main hands or cronograph functions, they could also result in damage to the movement. So if you notice cracks in the crystal, take it in to a dealer and have it repaired.

Most modern watch owners are not familiar with the job of winding of the watch. Whether it's an automatic watch or perhaps a hand wound watch, the operator must first wind the crown in the right direction, then set the hands, and then set the date and other functions. Winding a watch should be done slowly demands some patience and knowledge. Never wind the watch backwards whether during normal winding and especially not when setting the date. Have a friend or relative who has experience winding a watch to teach you before you do it for the first time, it will save you a trip to the dealer.

Even if your watch is water resistant try to minimize it's exposure to water. If it is exposed to salt water, or even if accidently took a swim in the family pool with you, wash off the salt or chlorine that it has been exposed to with fresh water.

If  the watch you wear is subjected to harsh environments, make sure that you buy a watch that is built to withstand the environment you wear it in. Take a good look at the specifications of the watch before buying. You wouldn't wear a fine evening watch scuba diving in the ocean and there are watches especially made for activities in or around the water. Use common sense, it will save you money.

No matter how well built or expensive your watch is, take care of it. It is a significant investment and should be treated as such!