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Tag Heuer Designer Watches for Men

Tag Heuer Designer Watches for Men

Tag Heuer has to be included in my list of best designer watches for men. Tag Heuer has set the standard for accurate timing in the chronograph features of the wrist watch. The chronograph is the stopwatch feature of quality watches which allows discrete events to be measured. This feature is utilized by pilots, scuba divers or in any activity where accurate event timing is critical.

Young Edouard Heuer left his home in Brugg, Switzerland in 1854 to work for the watch maker Louis Kerner and Son. He was only fourteen years old when he made the trip to the Imier valley in the Swiss Jura to begin his apprenticeship. Six years later in 1860 he founded his own company.

Pocket watches during the nineteenth century had a winder which was separate from the timepiece. These were often lost, leaving the user with a perfectly good watch but no way to wind it. Edourd invented the crown winder, that little knob on the top of your watch, that originally was used to wind the watch. This was a tremendous improvement to the pocket watches of the time. He was twenty-six at the time!

His unique pocket watches made their debut at the Universal Exhibition in Vienna in 1873. Before his death in 1892 he invented his own pocket chronograph and an oscillating pinion, a feature still used today in mechanical movements. After his death, his two sons inherited the company and continued his life’s work.

They continued his work in improving the chronograph feature of the pocket watch. The company produced a stopwatch that was accurate to 1/100 of a second and made it available as a dashboard model for use by race car drivers and aviators. They also produced a tide estimation watch for fisherman and their stopwatches were used for the Amsterdam Olympic Games in 1928. They also invented a two time zone watches and the Ringmaster, the first sports timer with an interchangeable scales ring for each sporting discipline.

The company started a subsidiary in the United Stated in !959, The Heuer Time Corporation. In 1960 they improved the quartz movement and improved it’s accuracy to 1/100 of a second. Heuer watches were featured in the movie Le Mans, starring Steve McQueen. The company joined the Tag group in 1985 and the name Tag Heuer was born.

The company continues to be an innovator in the global wrist watch market, known for it’s superior quality and extreme accuracy. It’s devotion to innovation definitely gets it a place in the best designer watches for men!