Designer Watches for Men

Stuhrling Designer Watches for Men

Stuhrling Designer Watches for Men

The Stuhrling company story is one of an impressive span of long-time success. This company has been in business since back in the 1800’s and has been at the forefront of the industrial renaissance, and their designer watches for men are considered to be finely crafted works of art. Their name is derived from master watchmaker Max Stuhrling, who had taken to watch making when this craft was still unknown to most of the world. Unfortunately, Max Stuhrling passed away right before he turned 50 years old, still financially unrecognized while those for whom he created his brilliant timepieces were treated like royalty.

The watchmaking craft started by Max was handed down generation to generation, its traditions held dear by the family and finally grew into a well-known company in 1999 by Max Stuhrling IV. He insisted on creating only watches of the utmost quality and craftsmanship, and utilized cutting-edge technology to create truly unique timepieces, which had now become available to people of all socioeconomic status unlike the situation in days of his ancestor, the original master watch maker Max Stuhrling.

The Stuhrling Corporation is proud to follow the intricate Swiss-made precision of timepiece creation; which was once only an accessory afforded by the social elite in the western world.

Care and dedication to quality is, of course, put into the creation of the men’s designer line of exquisite Stuhrling watches. With a vast variety of materials of the highest quality, offered in a wide assortment of colors and different types of metals, there is sure to be a fine watch that catches your eye. Although the craftsmanship is always of the utmost quality, Stuhrling watches offer a reasonable price and a variety of styles, which range from sporty, classic, to the truly decadent. Choose a Chronograph watch that will give you the look of the renaissance man, find a luxury watch that would set off an equally grand pair of cuff links, or purchase a skeleton watch that allows you to see the intricate inner-workings of a designer watch for men that would impress even Jules Verne.