Designer Watches for Men

So You are Buying a Designer Watch Start Here

So You are Buying a Designer Watch Start Here

A designer watch is arguably one of the most personal fashion accessories.  It tells everything about the the person wearing it.  It reflects taste, personality, interests and even financial well being.   Current watch design can reflect the times we live in, a love of times gone by and even an interest in activities such as diving or aviation. When you decide to buy a designer watch,  get ready to confront the many models, brands and styles available to you. It can be overpowering, but you can narrow your options by executing a simple set of questions.

First, where will the watch be worn? Will it be outdoors in rough environmental conditions? Yes, well then you will need a weatherproof watch.  Do you like the classical or do you prefer the modern.  Your preferences may steer you toward a Swiss watch with conventional hands or a brightly colored one featuring a digital display. Do you want the watch to simply tell time or do you want it to make a statement, do you want a simple timepiece or do you want a multifunction wrist watch. Start your search for the perfect watch by asking these types of questions and you will soon reduce the infinite amount of choices presented to you to just a few.

Other considerations include such things like technology.  Do you want a solar powered model. Would you like a mechanical movement or a very accurate quartz one.  Do you want your watch to update itself?  All of these features are available in the modern timepiece. Price is the only consideration.

What about the size of the watch? If you are small, a huge watch wont look good on a tiny wrist. And then there is the other extreme, a tiny jeweled watch may appear out of place if your hands are huge. But do what you want , after all, why go out of your way to wade through all the choices and then end up with something that you are not perfectly happy with.

So take your time researching your purchase, don't fall victim to impulse and stay within your means and you will find that perfect designer watch which you will happily wear for many years!