Designer Watches for Men

Rolex Designer Watches for Men

Rolex Designer Watches for Men

Say the words designer watches for men or even just wrist watch and Rolex instantly comes to mind. The Swiss watch brand, Rolex, has been the most recognized classical brand forever. Maybe the brand is the best because everyone thinks it is the best but whatever the reason, they sure are the leader, hands down!

You can’t have a site about designer watches without including the very best watch brand, Rolex! Rolex is the largest luxury watch producer, making more than 2000 watches a day. Ten years ago their market share was greater than three billion dollars. So if you are voting on production and sales they are the best designer watch brand, and second place is pretty far away!

Rolex began it’s journey to becoming the best in London, England in 1905, the company was started by Hans Wildorf and Alfred Davis. They moved to Switzerland in 1919 and began by importing Swiss Movements, placing them in cases, and selling them to luxury jewelers. They trademarked the name Rolex in 1915. Several legends exist for the name, but the most acceptable is that they wanted a name that could be easily pronounced, no matter the nationality of the wearer and the short name Rolex, is easily placed on the smallest watch dial.

Innovative marketing , right from the start is the secret to success, and Rolex started with great marketing! Rolex produced it’s first automatic mechanical watch in 1928. If you wore it, you didn’t have to wind it, the movement of the wearers wrist kept it ticking. Rolex produced the first watch that was water resistant to 100m. They also built a watch that they lowered to 11000m and that kept perfect time the whole trip. They developed their own quartz movement which required five years of research and development before being brought to market.

Rolex has designed specialty watches for deep sea divers, aviators and mountain climbers. These are activities where timekeeping is critical and the Rolex watch has performed admirably under these harsh conditions. Rolex is the official timekeeper at Wimbledon, it was worn during the first successful ascent of Mount Everest by the Sherpa climber Tenzing Norgay and it is rumored that Sir Edmund Hillary may also have worn one. A Rolex was worn by Mercedes Gleitze during her unsuccessful but extremely heroic attempt at swimming the English Channel.

So we now have a few clues as to why Rolex is the best. Superb marketing, right from the start, and the founders knew enough to begin making a product that was better than the sum of its parts. The quality of the Rolex watch is unsurpassed, and they show it by it’s use in the extremes of the deepest ocean to the highest altitudes. It is expensive but you know that you are purchasing the best of the best. And it is the largest manufacturer of luxury watches with the highest sales. So all this provides some pretty good reasons why the Rolex watch is the best watch brand of my high class watches, bar none!