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Omega Designer Watches for Men

Omega Designer Watches for Men

I was given an Omega watch for my high school graduation from an uncle. It started my love affair with the men’s designer watch. I think he got it used from someone, but i loved that watch. Unfortunately I lost it several years later. Even now I still hope to find it lying hidden somewhere but I never do.

Omega has to be included in my best designer watches for men because it is one of the finest watches available. A generalization is that men are captivated by the technical features of a wrist watch and women look for craftsmanship. Omega delivers both!

Omega produced it’s first watch in 1867, more than a century ago, they first delivered an automatic timepiece in 1912 at the Swiss Federal Gymnastics Meet and they have been a leader in sports watches since then. Charles Lindberg wore an Omega watch during his famous transatlantic flight and Omega was the first watch worn on the Moon!

Omega was founded in 1848 at la Chau de Fonds in the country of Switzerland by a very young, Louis Brandt. He assembled his watches from parts supplied by local craftsmen. The company grew and after his death in 1879, his two sons, Lous Paul and Cesar, took over the company. They had quality problems with supplied parts and discarded the assembly strategy in favor of self manufacturing all the parts making up their watches. The company grew and in 1880, they moved to a factory in Biel Bienne, and there the company remains to this day!

Louis Paul and Cesar both died in 1903, the company at this time having grown to more than eight hundred employees. The company was taken over by Paul Emile Brandt, he was only 24 at the time and would become the leader who really brought Omega into prominence in the world watch market. World War I created difficulties, but Brandt survived and grew Omega with several strategic mergers in the post war era. By 1955 the company had merged with or created more than 55 additional companies.

By the 1970’s, Omega was selling more watches than Rolex, the Swiss watchmaking king. The 70’s brought more challenges to the company due to the development of the Japanese quartz watch movement utilized by Seiko and Citizen. The competition in the global marketplace became intense and Omega underwent a severe financial crisis and required bank support to survive. This ultimately resulted in the emergence of the Swatch group, the holding company for Omega watches.

Under Swatch, Omega adopted the Rolex business model which included higher pricing, better quality control and increased advertising which increased their market share and brand recognition. Omega watches have been worn by astronauts, actors, and athletes. Prince William wore and Omega Seamaster and Joe Biden has been filmed wearing one. John F. Kennedy had one, as well as Elvis Presley and Tom Hanks. James Bond has worn one since 1995 although the model worn by Bond has changed over the years.

I hope you enjoy the models from the Omega watch brand that I review and that you would include this brand in your own selection of best men’s designer watch brands. They are just fantastic timepieces!