Designer Watches for Men

Michael Kors Designer Watches for Men

Michael Kors Designer Watches for Men

Michael Kors is an American designer who is known for his clean lines and simple styles. Along with designer watches for men, he is known for beautiful clothing with artful construction, as well as coordinating jewelry, shoes, handbags, and fragrances. When you wear a Michael Kors watch, you show that you know good design when you see it.

Many designer watches have fussy details, but nothing designed by Michael Kors can be considered fussy. His watches tend to be designed in monochromatic metals like rose gold as well as stainless steel in black, silver, and gold. With those simple metallic colors, Kors includes watch faces made from the same metals. He also often adds mother-of-pearl faces for women’s watches. He also occasionally adds watch faces in classic shades of navy blue or dark green, for a change of pace. It is not uncommon to see subtle textures on the watch faces, too.

While Kors’ designs are clean and simple, it does not mean that his watches cannot have leather watch straps or chain link straps, too. He also combines tortoise shell with leather and metallic, too. Kors is a master of combining elements to make the watch seem simple and clean, even if it includes rose gold, tortoise shell, and a decorated watch face. The designs will never be called busy.

In the world of designer watches, Michael Kors watches are fairly priced. These are durable and attractive watches, but they are much less expensive than brands like Rolex or Movado. Kors’ watches can easily go from the most conservative office environment, to a casual shopping trip, to an elegant date night at a four-star restaurant. The watches have that elegant, yet sporty look that defines American sportswear.

Men and women who wear watches designed by Michael Kors tend to have a relaxed style, even when in evening wear. The American designer has cemented his place in the hearts and minds of Americans with the regular appearance as a critic on the hit show Project Runway. Even though his creations are designed to complete an American sportswear outfit, they can be worn anywhere with no aspiration of pretension. Once you begin wearing watches from Michael Kors, you will quickly see why his designs are so popular as the compliments from your companions roll in.