Designer Watches for Men

Invicta Designer Watches for Men

Invicta Designer Watches for Men

Are you looking for a designer watch for men for less than a hundred dollars that has a fine Swiss heritage. The Invicta watch brand could be for you. The Invicta watch is one of the most popular, best selling watches available right now and it’s not just because they are cheap. The name is from the original Latin and means Invincible and this watch brand sure seems to be that.

Invicta watches go all the way back to 1897, and were started by Raphael Piccard in Switzerland. He found a niche market for his watches by supplying low priced quality watches. The company conquered this area of the designer  watch market and was moderately successful considering that it’s competition was immense.

Came the 1990’s, a century later and the company was purchased by an investment company in the United States and relocated to Hollywood, Florida. Interestingly, even though it is ran by a financial entity, the company, now named the Invicta Watch Group, is led by Eyal Lalo, a third generation watch maker. This is probably one of the major reasons for their recent, overwhelming success. Their leader knows his watches and how to build them!

For people who are pretty rough on their watches, they hold up very well. In fact, certain Invicta watch models actually use a Seiko Movement, which are really durable. Most of the real complaints concerning Invicta watches are from those who are upset that Invicta is getting away from the heavy Swiss style of watch and has gone after the current market by creating watches featuring modern designs and producing a myriad of models. If you are looking for a watch, they probably have a design that is perfect for you and they make equal numbers of models for women as for men. This is not a bad thing and they become more and more popular every day due to the way they look and feel. And they still do make some really nice high end watches at higher prices!

Many of can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on a wrist watch. Others simply lose watches or damage them, and don’t like the heavy style that goes with those really high priced Swiss watches. Also, the reason quartz movements became popular was because they are more accurate than a mechanical watch and are much easier to produce, and the quartz movement is used in more watches today than any other, and many of us only expect our watches to keep accurate time. And remember that the styling of an Invicta watch is amazing. So if you are one of these people, Invicta quite possibly could be the watch for you. Take a look at the Invicta watches for men that are for sale here. It jumps out how Invicta integrates color, with design, to create watches that will look great for any occasion. All of the Invicta watches for men look much more expensive than that less then that inexpensive price tag that the average model is selling for. Notice how their offerings cover just about every generic watch design that are available today. Invicta really provides many unique models which allows you, the consumer, to get exactly what he is looking for.