Designer Watches for Men

Fossil Designer Watches for Men

Fossil Designer Watches for Men

The Fossil watch brand is included in my designer watches for men because Fossil is one of the most popular watch brands in the United States. Fossil watches are inexpensive, many models having prices less than $100 but the brand provides value in the styling of it’s offerings. Fossil watches look fantastic!

The Fossil brand has a unique history. It is a relative newcomer to the men and woman’s watch market in comparison to it’s competitors. The history of the company is a real Cinderella story. The company was founded in 1984 in Dallas Texas by Tom Kartsotis. He was running a ticket brokerage business, having dropped out of Texas A&M and was enjoying some success as an entrepreneur. His older brother Kosta, an executive working in a retail marketing chain, mentioned the profits that could be made importing retail items from the Orient and he made specific mention of wrist watches. Tom was interested and sold a portion of his ticket brokerage business in order to capitalize an import venture. He traveled to Hong Kong and explored the availability of the Chinese markets and discovered his brother was right about supplying watches. He contracted a Hong Kong manufacturer to supply him with 1500 watches which he purchased, brought back to the United States and retailed them to retail markets in Dallas. These events marked the beginning of the Fossil Watch Brand.

Tom Kartsotis was only 24 when he accomplished his first import endeavor. Instead of focusing entirely on importing goods designed by others, Tom hired a designer to provide watch designs with a retro look. The designs were creative and became popular and the company grew rapidly and Tom built a solid reputation with his customers. His brother Kosta joined the company and sales grew. Fossil had twenty million dollars of sales by 1990. That is a lot of watches to sell, especially when you consider the low prices they were being offered at. And they were being supplied wholesale!

The company continued to grow and by 1992 had sales of 72 million. The company expanded into leather goods and went public in 1993 and Fossil was expanding into the International retail markets. Fossil has continued to expand and is now one the largest watch suppliers. I love Fossil watches because they are inexpensive and look great. For a couple of dollars I can have a watch on my wrist that looks like it was built in Switzerland and I know that it will run really well. And I know that I will have many models to choose from. Colors, retro styling, hefty timepieces, Fossil provides styling which is really unique. Watches are a fashion item and Fossil has really exploited this truth and it has really paid off.


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