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Citizen Designer Watches for Men

Citizen Designer Watches for Men

Citizen is one of the most popular designer watches for men brands with a well earned reputation for consumer satisfaction. Citizen a Japanese company, has a long history of making innovative watches and has led the Japanese watch industry in technical achievement.

In 1956 they produced the first shock resistant watch made in Japan and followed with the countries first water resistant watch. Remember that this was way before the Japanese became a world leader in consumer manufacturing and technology and at the time most Japanese products were considered second rate. They were way ahead of their competitors even then.

The company today is the Citizen Holdings Co., Ltd. and is located in Tokyo Japan. They were founded in 1918 under the name Shokosha Watch Research Institute. Today they are one of the world’s largest watch manufacturers. Recent innovations of this company include a solar powered watch, the Eco-Drive and a radio controlled watch mechanism. Citizen is a leader in the field of microelectronics, an outgrowth of the miniature sizing requirements of watch production.

Citizen concentrates on a historical or vintage style but they also produce contemporary watch styles under the brand name Independent Watches. Citizen also produces “collector” watches for several different air forces including the United States and Great Britain.

Citizen makes a superior leather band for it’s watches. It pushes the technology by including a clasp on some of it’s bands, the Deployment Clasp with a Push Button that has the security of clasps found on metal bands but looks like a normal hook and eye clasp.

Citizen also produces consumer electronic products and has partnered with Compaq to produce notebook computers for the Japanese computer market. Innovation, historical styling, state of the art electronics, longevity and customer satisfaction are the reasons that I have included Citizen watches in my designer watches for men. Take a look at the Citizen designer watches for men  that I feature and give them serious consideration, you will not be disappointed!