Designer Watches for Men

Casio Designer Watches for Men

Casio Designer Watches for Men

Casio is one of my high class best designer watches for men because they are generally accepted as one of the top ten best watch brands. They are extremely cheap, look great and run forever. You might say they are trying to replace Timex as the cheap goto watchmaker. It is very popular with those under thirty years of age. You can purchase a Casio watch for less than $100 and this is really cheap. So if you seem to keep losing your watches, or beat them up a lot, this brand might be for you!

The history of the Casio brand is really crazy. The company was started in 1946, by an engineer named Tadao Kashio. His first invention was the “yubiwa pipe”, a finger ring which held a cigarette and allowed you to smoke it till it was virtually nonexistent. This sounds insane, but cigarettes were expensive in post war Japan and the product was a success. Imagine, one of the top watch brands originating from a ring that held a cigarette. Anyway, Tadao and his younger brothers took some of the money generated by the cigarette ring and made a calculator using solenoids, which are a fairly large size magnetic object. He created Japan’s first desktop calculator and started to sell it in 1954. By 1957 the solenoids were gone and he was producing all electric calculators and they really became popular. Casio was gaining market share in the electronics market!

In the 1980’s Casio began making musical instruments and also entered the watch industry. It’s foundation in electronics made this an easy transition. Casio was one of the first makers of quartz crystal watches. They also produced calculator watches, another crazy item which was successful, and also multi-timezone watches. Their watches were of analog and digital design and added features from other markets.

As an innovator in the watch industry Casio was right in the forefront. They created watches which received radio signals to keep them from drifting from the correct time. They also added a GPS function to some of their watch models. They made ultra-thin watches, watches which monitored weather trends, watches with digital compasses and solar powered watches.

They included almost every electronic product around in their watches, and it worked, they are now making inexpensive watches which are extremely popular. So again, if you are looking a cheap, quality watch which has a pretty good design you may want to consider Casio. They really have the electronics covered and they are very successful. The only downside is that their watches contain so many features that you may have to spend some time with the owner’s manual of the Casio watch you purchase. They are one of the favorites in my best high class watches for men and women because they really understand miniature electronics and use them well!

Why would you want to purchase a Casio Men’s Watch when there are so many brands that are really perceived to be better. Well, if you are looking for a watch that features the best in electronics, is really durable and has that modern look, you should really take a look at Casio Designer Watches for Men. And did I mention that they are really inexpensive.

Casio watches for men have enjoyed a deserved reputation over the decades as being tough, trusted, well designed and great looking. Since the 1970s, Casio watches have been synonymous with invention,superior reliability, design and function. Casio makes watches to fit any taste and when toughness is called for, Casio delivers with its G-Shock, Sports, Waveceptor and Marine Dive series.

Casio watches are great for rough activities because they feature the quality and durability that Casio watches are famous for. For those extreme activities that all you guys love, you need to have gear which you can depend on and guess what, that’s a Casio men’s watch.

Casio’s newest lines of watches feature mineral crystals, provide a battery life of five years and are water resistant to 200 meters. Now those are all features found on really fine watches and they translate to a watch that is well built, made for harsh activities and require little or no maintenance.

So take a look at the Casio Men’s Watches we offer. Casio watches are really popular and some of their models are top best sellers. You can’t go wrong with Casio!

Casio G-Shock Designer Watches

The Casio G Shock watch is designed to be the designer watch that doesn’t break. How many broken watches do you have laying in a drawer never to see the light of day again. Most of us have a few. We took that great watch to the beach or banged it up while having a great night out. Well never again now that G Shock watches are here.

The G Shock Casio watch family are designed to fall 10 meters without damage, are good to 10-bars of depth resistance and how about this, the batteries are good for ten years. So, they withstand a thirty foot free fall, is good to about a hundred meters of depth and no changing batteries for ten years. No wonder they describe the G Shock watch models as the Triple 10.

Watches don’t have to be throw away items, why spend a fortune on a watch and then have it sitting around broken? It’s worse if you wear a broken watch out because it looks great and someone asks you the time!

These are really great looking watches. The G Shock took over two years to develop, this is long time in today’s reduced research and development environments but Casio wanted to do this watch family right, and they did!

These watches represent a revolution in the design of the wrist watch. They have beautiful bands, great styling and the cost is less than one-hundred dollars. Keep an eye on the G Shock watch, they are new but I really believe that they will eventually rival Invicta and Fossil as the low cost, high class watch standard.

We have quite a few models of the G Shock watch featured right here so take a close look at them. They are an amazing watch and you will be really happy if you purchase one!