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Bulova Designer Watches for Men

Bulova Designer Watches for Men

The idea for Bulova designer watches for men was originally conceived in Switzerland by Joseph Bulova. Not enough can be said about this fine watch company. It was started when Joseph Bulova arrived in America in 1870 during the heyday of the industrial revolution. He opened a jewelry store in Manhattan, New York, named it J. Bulova and quickly established himself as a premier jeweler, this amazing man was only nineteen years of age when he arrived in America.

Their was a great demand for wrist watches in the United States after the Civil War and Bulova took advantage of the opportunity. His jewelry business was flourishing and allowed him to establish a watchmaking center in Bienne, Switzerland. His plant was unique in that it practiced modern manufacturing methods and his assembly lines made it possible to control the quality of his watches and provide a standardization that had not been previously achieved.

Besides being a fine jeweler and now an industrialist, Bulova soon demonstrated his talents in marketing when he came out with his line of men’s watches. He marketed all across the United States using catalogs which featured great illustrations and resulted in the almost immediate success of his jeweled watch products.

In order to ensure the accuracy of his watches, Bulova established an observatory on the top of a tall Manhattan building. Skilled observers took readings in the observatory that were used to check the accuracy of Bulova’s watch models. He used the stars to ensure the accuracy and precision of his watches.

Bulova continued his marketing by buying the first radio advertising and broadcast a radio commercial that was heard by millions. The commercial noted the exact time and included a tone and the Bulova name. It was highly successful and increased the sales of the brand even more. Carl Lindberg wore a Bulova watch and promoted the brand. Lindberg was an American hero due to his non-stop flight across the Atlantic. With the success of the Bulova watch, the company entered new timekeeping markets and brought out the first clock radio. This was in 1928! When television was brought out in the 1940’s, the Bulova company was again right there, it bought the first television commercial which featured a Bulova dial in the center of a picture of the land mass of the United States. The commercial first aired during a baseball game.

Following World War II, Bulova provided tuition free schooling for handicapped veterans at the Bulova School of Watchmaking which was located in Queens, New York. The company even provided job placement for the schools graduates in an attempt to help the handicapped veterans who had sacrificed so much to ensure that freedom continued throughout the world.

Bulova supplied timekeeping devices for NASA for use on it’s satellites and it’s devices contributed to the first Moon walk in 1969. Bulova’s Accutron technology was utilized extensively during the early days of space exploration. The Accutron technology was also used on Air Force I, Bulova watches were given as gifts by Presidents and the Bulova wrist watch was the first endorsed watch used by Railroad Personal. This shows the long and illustrious history of the Bulova Watch Company. In the year 2000 Bulova turned one hundred and twenty five years of age. New York City featured a Bulova day which honored the achievements of the company.

Today there are many watch models and brands to choose from. Bulova is still one of the best and should always be considered before making a purchase. The brand has an amazing history and provides very accurate watches which feature amazing quality and superb styling. Check out the models we offer!