Designer Watches for Men

Breitling Designer Watches for Men

Breitling Designer Watches for Men

Breitling is right below Rolex in my assessment of the best designer watches for men. Their watches are large, feature state of the art technology and have the superior quality you expect from a major Swiss manufacturer. I like Breitling because their styling is outstanding and in my opinion outshines Rolex for their good looks when worn as a fashion accessory!

Leon Breitling started the company in 1884 in St-Imier, a town in the Jura mountains of Switzerland. He produced custom production counting devices for factory use and chronograph pocket watches. He died in 1914 and his son Gaston inherited the company. World War I had brought aviation to the forefront of new technologies and Gaston began manufacturing watches for pilots. He advanced the chronograph feature by adding a feature which allowed the controlling of the stop watch function on his watches with the winding crown. This gave the company  a clear direction for subsequent growth as the watches were favored by aviators. The company remained family owned, and fathers passed it down to their sons and each generation advanced the capabilities of their watches.

Willy Breitling took over from Gaston and in 1934 he invented a return to zero feature which made event timing easy and really increased the popularity of their stop watch chronograph. He also added a second chronograph which made it easy to time multiple events. All these improvements brought Breitling to the forefront of the industry and in 1936, Breitling became the official watch supplier of the Royal Air Force. Breitling went after more military contracts and supplied watches to the American Military prior to and during World War II.

During the 1950’s Breitling brought out it’s Navitimer model, this watch handled all the calculations that pilots of the day required for navigation and the model soon became the favorite among aviators. The United States entered the quest for outer space in the late 50’s, early 60’s and astronaut Scott Carpenter actually asked Breitling to produce a 24 hour model, since nothing differentiates day from night when in outer space. Breitling complied and supplied him with a 24 hour Navitimer which he wore in his flight to the heavens.

Breitling then produced the Cosmonaute Navitimer, it’s 24 hour watch and made it available to it’s customers. Another innovation created by Breitling was the Breitling Emergency model watch. This had a built-in radio transmitter which could be activated by the wearer and would output a signal with a range of 90 nautical miles. Rescue teams could hone in on the transmission and rescue the wearing. Two helicopter pilots actually went down in Antarctica during 2003, they activated the beacon in the watch and were rescued due to this feature! Buyers of this watch sign a paper that they will bear the full cost of rescue attempts if they actually activate the feature! Brian Jones and Bertrand Piccard wore the watch in their successful Breitling sponsored non-stop balloon trip in which they circumnavigated the earth without landing once!

Sean Connery wore a Breitling in Thunderball. James always set the bar for fashion and Breitling was right there! Breitling is ranked right below Rolex in my best designer watches for men but I actually like the Breitling styling better than Rolex. Breitling makes some beautiful watches, couple this with their history, accuracy, quality and technical innovations and you have a top watch which you will be proud to wear!

Guys if you really want to make a statement with your wristwatch and you have some money to spend, then Breitling designer watches for men are really for you. These watches, in my opinion, provide better value than the one that is perceived to be the best, what’s that brand Rolex? Breitling really pushes the envelope when it comes to achievement in the technical arena and it has right from the beginning, maybe a century ago. They really are the watch built for aviation and not just as advertising to market their products. Their logo is a pair of wings and they are well deserved. They are truly the instruments of professionals. Ask any pilot!

Breitling is the Swiss watch manufacturer for men. The brand has been making fine quality watches since 1884 and they keep getting better. They are a leader in chronograph and also electronic watches, to say nothing about their exceptional styling. Nothing says more about you as a person than the watch you wear and when you wear a Breitling watch for men, it say a really lot about you. It says that you value accuracy, that time is important to you and that you only accept the best. So take a look at the many Breitling designer watches for men offered right here, and join those who wear the best watch made!

The only fault with Breitling watches is that the seem to make a lot fewer models for women. The Swiss seem to have trouble getting into the social areas of the twenty first century but in their favor they do make available their most popular watch models for women. If you are a woman and you want to purchase a Breitling watch you know what you want and how to get it. And you will!

Breitling is all about innovation. They make fantastic chronographs and if you dive, jump or fly you know the importance of split second accuracy. And they are probably the best built and most durable watch model made. Every watch they sell yells that this is the best of all the great Swiss watch brands.

They are heavy watches, nothing dainty about them, but if you are looking to get one, you know this already. You will put up with a little weight to have access to all the great features that Breitling watches offer. You want and intend to use the advanced features that each and every Breitling watch has.

These watches are not cheap, but those who wear them know that you get what you pay for and there are few complaints.