Designer Watches for Men

Armitron Designer Watches for Men

Armitron Designer Watches for Men

You can buy an Armitron watch in almost any major department store in the United States and this says a lot for their popularity. The Brand was started in 1956 as part of the E. Gluck Corporation. Its founder,Eugene Gluck wanted to produce a true peoples watch and he succeeded as Armitron is one of the top best selling watch brands for men and also one of the most inexpensive.

Armitron watches are the flagship line of the E. Gluck Corporation. Since its beginning, its Armitron watch division has been tasked to provide the finest style and quality of designer watches of men and at an inexpensive price .

In the 1970s they were among the first to switch from LED to LCD displays in their digital designer men’s watches, and it greatly extended battery life and set a new industry standard. It continued their practice of making affordable watches which reflect the utmost care,craftsmanship and quality. The company has recently began producing automatic movements and this new effort has put the company in competition with other top brands

Armitron manages to maintain inexpensive pricing while still offering accurate timekeeping and a vast range of designer watch models for both men and women. They provide great value and their styling is superior. Armitron makes very inexpensive, stainless steel band watches to modern unisex timepieces. Their digital models are amazing and their automatic analog models are quality designs which belie their price. Armitron watches are constructed from a variety of materials from stainless steel to plastic and their bands feature materials such as leather, stainless steel or rubber. Styling runs from the bold to the traditional and these designer watches  are built like a tank, and as such are amazingly tough to kill.

Armitron has superior quality control which shows in how they stand behind their watch models, Armitron watches have a lifetime guarantee on working parts and few watch manufacturers among the cheaper brands provide this kind of warranty. The majority of their watch movements are quartz, which is the standard in accuracy, but there are also Armitron models which feature the new automatic movement and styling found in the designs of the more expensive brands.

The more expensive Armitron watches have a great reputation and by more expensive I mean not much more than fifty dollars. Many of these are still running after twenty years and have never been sent to a jeweler for repairs.

Armitron watches have a great reputation so you really should take a look at their offerings. They may not be as well known as other watch brands but their followers love them.