Designer Watches for Men

Akribos Designer Watches for Men

Akribos Designer Watches for Men

Akribos Designer Watches for Men

Akribos makes great designer watches for men. The Akribos watch company is a partner of Sturling and the company originated in Greece and then moved to Italy,and  now it has its headquarters in the United States in Brooklyn, New York.

Timekeeping originated in Greece and remember that the Romans are responsible for our historical timeline. As for styling, the traditions of the Greeks and Romans are evident in their exceptional styling and functionality. Akribos is a Greek word which means precise or accurate and their designer  watches for men featuring their quartz and automatic movements are certainly accurate. Akribos is  an amazing watch at a price that is unbeatable. The XXIV in the company name are the Roman Numerals for twenty four signifying the number of hours in a day.

Akribos XXIV watches are made of durable materials and feature the synthetic sapphire Krysterna for the majority of its watch crystals providing excellent protection for its uniquely styled dials and accurate Swiss mechanical and quartz watch movements. The packaging of their products as well as the provided documentation is excellent and their watches typically feature a two year warranty.

The Akribos XXIV brand produces beautiful styled watches which includes chronographs, skeleton dials, and some models which use a sprinkling of diamonds to enhance their beauty. The brand uses the best materials to produce a watch that anyone would be proud to wear. They are noted for the myriad of models they supply so the consumer will easily find the watch that suits his or her individual taste perfectly.

The pricing of the Akribos XXIV watch models are very reasonable, the styling reflects both the ancient origins of Western Civilization and the advances of the modern industrial age. These are well built watches at a great price which feature superior materials, superb styling, excellent timekeeping and outstanding quality control. What else can be said about these amazing watches. Check out all the Akribos designer watches that we feature.