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Affordable Luxury Watch

Affordable Luxury Watch

Affordable Luxury Watch

The definition of an affordable luxury watch means different things to different people. First, there are no hard and fast rules about what is necessary for a watch to be a luxury watch. So I will go out on a limb and say that the price of a luxury watch probably starts at about a thousand dollars, and the price of a watch can vary greatly, so you have to shop for value. A well made Swiss timepiece will cost much more!

One of the first tipping points that separates the great luxury watches from those just bordering one would be the movement. Most of the finer luxury watches have a mechanical movement and the cheaper ones will feature a quartz one. Although the quartz movement is significantly cheaper to manufacture and features superior accuracy, the truly great luxury watches have mechanical movements.  So a luxury watch is powered by a spring rather then a battery.  Next look at the watch case. It should have a superior finish and demonstrate superior craftsmanship.  Compare a luxury watch to a watch costing several hundred dollars and the case of the cheaper one will look inferior even to the untrained eye.  The difference is because the luxury watch is crafted by a watch maker and the cheap watch is mass produced.

Next inspect the dial, this is often a weak area of inexpensive watches. the use of  less expensive materials or mass production results in cheap looking watch faces and the inexpensive arms can make a cheap watch difficult to read. Too much reflection and the poor use of colors are obvious faults. Any watch you buy should be a pleasure to look at and very easy to read at a single glance. Make sure that the luxury watch fits well and feels good on your wrist and that you can instantly read it with a quick glance.

Pay attention to the watch band. It should have a quality look and feel and not contain any obvious blemishes. It should have a smooth feel and not catch the hair on your arm. It should be comfortable to wear.

Lastly, gold and diamonds are expensive, stainless steel is relatively cheap, so the material of which the watch is constructed will be a significant factor in the price of the luxury watch.

So now you know what to look for. You can find great value if you are careful. In everything, often price has nothing to do with value, but value will always affect the price!